royal bees informed of the death of Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II died on Thursday, September 8 at the age of 96 after a long, 70-year rule. Her death set in motion a powerful machine called Operation “London Bridge”, which contained detailed plans in the event of the monarch’s death.

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Elizabeth II is dead. Even the royal bees had to be informed of the death of the monarch

But apart from the most important issues concerning e.g. funeral ceremonies of Elizabeth II or the assumption of the throne by her eldest son, now King Charles III, which were described as part of the “London Bridge” operation, the death of the queen is also associated with many secondary duties of her subordinates, which may bring a gentle smile to some of their faces . One of them is about queen bees.

Elizabeth II owned apiaries at Buckingham Palace and Clarence House. As it turns out, these extremely useful insects also had to be informed about the queen’s death in a special rite. It is described by the British Daily Mail.

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