Roger Federer revealed his plans for the future. This is what he wants to do after his career

On September 15, Federer announced his retirement. The last tournament he will play in will be the Laver Cup, where he will face the doubles competition. In this way, one of the best representatives of the discipline in history will say goodbye to tennis. Its heyday coincided with the competition with genius opponents and the heyday of tennis.

– When I started playing, we didn’t expect it either. You know, we were on an equal level after Sampras retired. First I got to the top, then Rafa came. Then Novak and Andy showed up so we all competed together. Suddenly there was this beautiful mix, we have all been winning for over 10 years, the Swiss told BBC Breakfast.

For over a decade, we could watch the competition of tennis giants with bated breath. However, time flows relentlessly and each of them is approaching the end of their career. The 41-year-old decided to do so first.

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