Rise of the Ronin is set to become a commercial success and a hit. The Japanese reveal the first details

During State of Play, Sony released the first trailer for Rise of the Ronin, and Fumihiko Yasuda shared a number of details about the new IP. The PlayStation producer has been supporting the project for years, thanks to which the position is aimed exclusively at PS5.

Fumihiko Yasuda on the PlayStation blog highlighted the extremely important aspect of the exclusivity of Rise of the Ronin – Sony has been supporting developers for seven years, which makes it clear to Xbox enthusiasts that they should not expect a story debut on XSX | S. The director and president of Team Ninja thanked the Japanese company for its significant help “for so many years.”

Rise of the Ronin is an open-world action RPG focused on a period of great change in Japan. The action was set at the end of the 300-year Edo period (late 19th century), commonly known as “Bakumatsu” – The Land of the Rising Sun is facing “repressive rulers and deadly diseases”, Western influences are gaining in importance, and a civil war between the Tokugawa shogunate and anti-shogunate factions continues.

“In this time of chaos, you play as Ronin, a warrior unconnected with any lord and able to make his own choices. Rise of the Ronin is a new Team Ninja experience that will immerse you in a world inspired by history, combining familiar katana fighting and the like with new firearms that reflect the unique personality of the period. ”

Rise of the Ronin will have a “higher tier” than previous Team Ninja titles, as the developers will design the gameplay with all attention to history – the authors want to use their skills, experience and knowledge to “accurately depict the most critical revolution in Japanese history, including the darkest and ugliest chapters from which many shun”. The studio focuses on action, strong plot and the power of choices – it seems most likely that we will get a chance to make meaningful decisions.

The CEO confirmed that it is “the most ambitious and demanding project for Team Ninja”, and Takashi Mochizuki from Bloomberg gave an interesting message regarding the team’s plans – the Japanese intend to sell over 5 million copies of the game. Production is set to turn out to be a hit and it is “one of the important strategic pillars of the company’s medium-term development strategy”.

Rise of the Ronin will debut in 2024.


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