Rihanna’s new photos sparked a discussion. All because of the post-pregnancy figure

Rihanna in May this year became a mother for the first time. Throughout her pregnancy, the artist surprised with extravagant stylizations revealed by her growing curves. You will surely remember the photo shoot that you and your partner A $ AP Rocky had they announced the good news. In the first photo the expectant mother posed in an unbuttoned down jacket from the collection of Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel from 1996. The exposed curves of the artist were adorned with rich jewelry in the form of chains connected with pearls. A $ AP Rocky is presented in a hooded sweater, a Carhartt denim jacket and loose leather pants. The whole thing looked extremely extravagant, but tasteful.

The second of the published photos shows RiRi in a slightly different, darker version. The singer opted for a tight, front-tied top by Jean Paul Gaultier, low waist leggings that reveal her pregnancy belly (they come from the Attico company) and a bomber jacket – this is the Wardrobe NYC and Carhartt collection. Rihanna styling supplemented with gold (this time much more delicate) jewelrywhich still attracts attention due to its length. I am talking about a long necklace with a cross hanging on it. This one goes perfectly with the chest tattoo and gold rings. It is impossible not to mention the artist’s original hairstyle, braiding her hair into plaits that fall over her face. These are covered with a tight hood, which adds a hint of mystery to the creation. Similarly, when it comes to fashionable this season, black slim sunglasses and a red metallic lipstick from the latest collection by Fenty Beauty, which highlighted the lips of the star.

And although there was no end to compliments then, now hate fell on her. All because of how her figure changed after the baby was born.

Critical comments are an inseparable element of social media and the consequence of the content published there. Users of popular websites and celebrities must be aware of the fact that everything they leave on the web, no matter if it is a text or a photo, can meet with increasing hate. Now, until recently considered a sex symbol, Rihanna has to face unfounded criticism about her appearance and weight, that is, aspects that should be an individual matter of each of us, not subject to the slightest discussion.

In the past few weeks, the Barbados star has been “caught” going out to a restaurant many times, or being spotted leaving a hotel. The photos that appeared on the web immediately sparked a discussion. It’s about the “new” figure of the singer. Plump cheeks, large breasts, rounder bum and thighs that Rihanna exposes at every step – it is impossible not to notice that the figure of Barbados has changed significantly after the baby is born.

“Rihanna is fatter now than she was pregnant” – we read in the comments under one of the photos that circulated the network and we wonder how you can write something like this under a picture of a freshly baked mum.

Fortunately, criticism obscures the positive.

Body positive in all its glory. Rihanna is proud of her curves, be there too!

This is what a confident woman looks like no matter what it looks like and how much it weighs. Way to go!

Here’s the real one role model for young girls.

Fully we endorse positive opinions about the singer. Knowing your worth is key.

Rihanna – MARION CURTIS / BE&W Agency

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