Revolution in Polish leagues! No more fiction

The end of the “guest” in the 2nd Speedway League

According to the information provided by the speedway media a few months ago, the institution of the “guest” will not apply next season in the 2nd Speedway League. The rule that was supposed to give players a chance to gain experience in the lower leagues over time turned out to be too broadly applied. The “guests” were not only young riders, almost just after the license, who were at the beginning of their speedway road, but even riders taking part in SGP2, ie the former individual world junior championships.

The influence of the “visitors” on the final results of the teams was too high, so the Main Speedway Sports Committee decided to curb this procedure. Next season, on the second league tracks, we will not see Wiktor Przyjemski, BartÅ‚omiej Kowalski or Damian Ratajczak, unless they are rented. But that is not going to happen.

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Changes to the U24 player rule in all leagues!

Media reports have also been confirmed about the changes in the regulation on a player under 24. From next season, if there is a Pole in this provision, the remaining four senior positions will have to include at least one, and not two speedway riders, as it was before. with a Polish license.

The amendment to this regulation is a change to the reserve player rule (U23). The nationality of the rider under the number 8/16 will not be enforced in any way by the regulations, but if he is a foreigner, he will be able to replace the Pole-U24 rider only if there are at least two Poles in the remaining senior positions. When the second Pole in the senior team is the U24 player, the foreigner from number 8 will not be able to replace him. If the reserve is a Pole, he will be able to replace the U24 rider, regardless of the number of Poles in the squad or the nationality of this rider.

Pre-contracts – a novelty that will put an end to fiction?

By far the most interesting information from today’s announcement are pre-contracts, i.e. a speedway legal novelty aimed at curbing the transfer fiction. The current situation is – at least in theory – until the last league match has passed, players cannot talk to clubs other than the one with which they have a contract. Even if, e.g. in September, a speedway rider reaches an agreement with the club (whether he is present or not), the document binding him to start in the club can be signed only at the transfer window, which lasts from November 1 to 14.

It will be different from now on. The speedway rulers must have come to the conclusion that living in fiction no longer makes any sense and is preparing a real contractual revolution. From next season, regulations will apply enabling the signing of a pre-contract, i.e. a preliminary contract, from 15 June.

New documents can be signed at all levels of the competition, both with their players, as well as with players representing other clubs who will join the team of a given team after the season. The signed pre-contract will have to be reported within three days from the date of signing to the governing body of the competition, ie PGE Ekstraliga or GKSÅ» (in the case of eWinner clubs of the 1st League and the 2nd Speedway League).

Most importantly, pre-contracts, unlike the letters of intent that were signed in the past, have real legal force. The signed preliminary contract will oblige both clubs and speedway riders to sign the appropriate contract during the transfer window, i.e. on November 1-14.

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