“Return” in Russian media? Kremlin propagandists are changing their tone

The narrative so far presented in the Russian media has increasingly weaker foundations. Recent progress of the Ukrainian troops in liberating other areas they are causing the Kremlin’s leading propagandists to change their tone. This turn was noticed by the American journalist Julia Davis, who analyzes the Kremlin’s propaganda.

“Experts on Russian TV are realizing that their military is failing and their country is in trouble. They are starting to play blame. Some of them have finally realized that their genocidal denial of Ukrainian identity is not working in Russia’s favor,” Davis wrote on Twitter. The entry was accompanied by a recording of a debate by Russian politicians and experts.

The recording makes strong statements about Russia’s “colonial war” in Ukraine, unpreparedness for the fights, failure to implement the plan despite the six months of the war. Some experts are calling for a full mobilization or withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukraine. Others indicate that Ukrainians are a nation with its own language.

The video published by Davis has already been viewed by over two million people.

Ukrainians are already on the state border in the Kharkiv region

As the American Institute for War Studies (ISW) informed on Sunday, the counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Kharkiv Oblast is breaking the axis of the Russian troops in the north of Donbas. In the last five days, Ukrainians have liberated more territory than Russia has occupied since April.

Vladimir Putin, who has changed command twice since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, no longer wants to see his generals. The president postponed meetings in Sochi with the leadership of the defense ministry after the army in the Kharkiv region suffered its greatest defeat since the beginning of the war.

In turn, the Russian Ministry of Defense presented a map at the briefing, which indicated the areas currently controlled by the Ukrainian army. The map shows that the Russians now control a small part of the Kharkiv Oblast – the area behind the Oskol River.

On social media, soldiers publish photos and videos from the liberated towns, where they are greeted with great joy by civilians.

Pole fighting in Ukraine: Russians are withdrawing all the way. This is a new phase of the war

– This is Ukraine’s success. None of us expected such an easy victory. The Russians put up virtually no resistance – reported Szymon, one of the Poles fighting in Ukraine, on TVN24. The man is taking part in the offensive in the Kharkiv region.

Simon serves in The International Defense Legion of Ukraine. In today’s interview with Diana Rudnik, a TVN24 journalist, he talked about the course of the war in the Kharkiv region in eastern Ukraine, where he is currently located. According to his reports, the operation is going very well for the country’s defenders.

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Source: PAP, Twitter, Onet

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