Retail treasury bonds can be purchased at Pekao from October

The Ministry of Finance and the Pekao bank have signed an agreement which allows for the purchase of retail Treasury bonds in Pekao. The bonds will be available from the first days of October via electronic channels, not only to Bank Pekao clients.

The offer of Bank Pekao, which will handle and sell bonds through the Pekao Brokerage House, will include six types of retail Treasury bonds:

  • 3-month fixed rate treasury bonds (OTS);
  • annual treasury bonds with a variable interest rate (ROR);
  • 2-year treasury bonds with a variable interest rate (DOR);
  • 3-year fixed-rate government bonds (TOS);
  • 4-year indexed government bonds (COI);
  • 10-year retirement treasury bonds (EDO).

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