Retail bonds are very popular. Interests are high, but they are losing out to inflation

  • More than half of the July sales were securities with an interest rate dependent on the inflation level
  • The Ministry of Finance announces that after August, sales from the record-breaking 2021, in which customers have invested over PLN 43.3 billion, will be exceeded
  • You can find more such information on the Onet homepage

“In July, we sold savings bonds with a total value of PLN 10.3bn,” the Ministry of Finance announced on Friday. This is a good result, but far from the record in June. At that time, Poles invested over PLN 14 billion in government papers.

The Ministry of Finance data shows that 4-year bonds (COI) were the most frequently purchased securities. Individual buyers spent PLN 4.7 billion on their purchase (46% share in the sales structure). Annual bonds (ROR) were also popular, for which PLN 3.4 billion (33% share in sales), 2-year bonds (DOR) for over PLN 830 million (8%), 10-year bonds (PLN 750 million) were also popular. PLN, i.e. 7%) and 3-month (PLN 412 million, 4%). Subsequently, savers chose 3-year bonds, which they bought for over PLN 130 million (1.3%).

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