Relinquishing would be sheer madness. Prime Minister Johnson on the aftermath of Putin’s barbaric invasion

“Whoever takes over from me as prime minister next month will announce a massive support package for people struggling with rising costs of living,” the head of the British government assured in an article for the weekly “Mail on Sunday”.

“The coming months will be tough, possibly very difficult. Our energy bills will be dizzying. For many of us, the cost of heating a home is already appalling,” Johnson admitted, but he added that he was confident the UK would make it through and still do. a bright future ahead.

He reminded who is to blame for this situation and what is at stake.

“It is Putin’s barbaric invasion that scared the energy markets. It is Putin’s war that costs British consumers. That’s why your energy bills are doubling. I’m afraid Putin knows it. He likes it. And he wants us to buckle. He believes,” that soft European politicians will not have the heart to fight – that in the coming winter we will throw down the gauntlet, lift sanctions and go begging for Russian oil and gas ”

– wrote the British Prime Minister.

He stressed that such a concession would be “pure madness”, because Putin’s position is getting weaker each month, and his ability to intimidate and blackmail less and less.

If Putin is allowed to murder and chaos, to change Europe’s borders by force, he will simply do it again, elsewhere on the fringes of the former Soviet Union. Other countries will learn that violence and aggression can pay off, and this will usher in a new cycle of political and economic instability. Therefore, we must continue to support Ukrainians – and their military successes are still remarkable. Volodymyr Zelensky has shown that his country is essentially unbeatable. Now is the time for the West to double its support, not to waver. “

– argued the British Prime Minister.

From October, UK residential energy prices will increase by 80%, which means that for typical consumption, bills will increase from 1971 to 3,549 pounds per year, and according to forecasts next year, they will even exceed 6,000. pounds.

Source: PAP,

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