Record-breaking electricity prices will shock Polish companies. “An avalanche of spectacular liquidations awaits us”

  • Wholesale energy prices are breaking records, heralding massive increases in electricity bills from next year
  • According to the representatives of the energy-intensive industry, without state support, a several-fold increase in electricity prices will end in a wave of bankruptcies of Polish companies
  • However, some experts point out: in the vast majority of cases, costs will be passed on to customers. And this means further price increases on store shelves
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The border of 2,000 PLN per megawatt hour of electricity in annual contracts on the Polish Power Exchange in Warsaw has just burst. On Thursday, the quotations reached exactly PLN 2,166.29 / MWh. Not so long ago because in May this year, we wrote about exceeding 1 thousand. PLN / MWh, which already seemed a difficult level for energy consumers to swallow. For comparison, in 2021, the average rate in annual contracts was 384.16 PLN / MWh.

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