Real is not going to bid

Real is not going to bid

The Borussia and Palmeiras players aren’t the only ones the Kings keep an eye on. Activists also devise alternatives because they are aware that Belligham and Endrick are being tempted by others as well. So there is some unease in the Spanish capital about them, but surely no one is going to make any risky moves by doing so. In similar situations, the Kings have been setting financial boundaries for several years and do not take part in absolutely any auctions. Adequate ground for transfers is prepared well in advance. The will of the players themselves is of fundamental importance. Without it, competition on the market with some clubs would be impossible.

With both Bellingham and Endrick, it seems that their will to appear in the white jersey is certain. However, the moment came when others began to appear on the horizon. The Englishman between the lines suggested that they wanted to play the Bernabéu as host, and the proof of his will may be his refusal to extend his contract with Borussia. But matters are complicated by the sudden appearance of Liverpool with a multi-million dollar offer. So there comes a situation where you have to choose: either dreams or more money. There’s no other way. It remains clear to the authorities that the commitment and willingness to play for Real Madrid is the basis of recent successes. These factors cannot raise any doubts at the time of the transfer.

Bellingham’s 150 million euros Borussia’s price tag is far too high for Real Madrid. The royals will certainly not spend so much money on him, even if the 19-year-old’s sports arguments are definitely on his side. The quality of Tchouaméni, for which 80 million was paid, did not raise any doubts a year ago. Spending almost twice as much on Bellingham, however, is out of the question. Aurélien just wanted to play for Real Madrid and therefore rejected more money being offered to him elsewhere.

As for Endrick, the club has been working on bringing him back for a year. Activists have traveled to São Paulo for the third time in four months. The foundation for the transfer is now solid, but the ball is nevertheless on the side of Palmeiras. And the Brazilians want 60 million euros in the clause for their young striker. Real and here want to rely on the will of the player himself, in order to reduce the amount of the compensation. And in this case, entering auctions is not taken into account.

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