Real danced at the Wanda Metropolitano. Atletico defeated in the derby

Atletico jerked, Real danced – this is how you should sum up today’s Madrid derby. The Spanish champions won at the stadium of their local rivals and remain undefeated in the 2022/23 season. In fact, they have not even noted a draw so far, they are winning everything as it goes. Sometimes without even shifting to top gear, as was the case with the extensive fragments of today’s meeting.

Atletico – Real. Two blows from “Królewski”

Atletico, it has to be emphasized, started today’s game quite well. Perhaps we would not go so far as to say that the hosts dominated Real in the initial phase of the match, but the advantage belonged to them. Advantage from which dangerous shooting situations resulted. It was getting hot in the penalty area of ​​the “Królewski” players after the set fragments of the game, Yannick Carrasco also had an excellent chance to score. Overall, it seemed that the Atletico team was more hungry to win. Diego Simeone’s charges bitten, played aggressively, tried to keep the initiative thanks to high intensity.

But Real, after all, it is precisely this kind of oppression that can come out unscathed, like no other club in the world. And it was similar today. So what if it was “Los Colchoneros” that tried to impose the pace, since only Real could boast of concrete offensive?

Carlo Ancelotti’s team took the lead in the 18th minute after a great action by Fede Valverde, Aurelien Tchouameni and Rodrygo. The magic assistance by the second of the mentioned players deserves a special mention, although Rodrygo’s confidence in the finish was also commendable. Naturally, the Brazilian, to the fury of Atletico supporters, danced a bit as part of the celebration of the goal scored. Some of the people gathered in the stands reacted to it in a scandalous way, because of racist shouts. The referee had to pause the resumption of the game for a moment. However, this did not depress Real Madrid, which several minutes later patched the hosts’ defense again. Eventually, Valverde hit the net, who was the first to hit it after a shot at the post by Vinicius Junior. What can I say, Atletico is on its knees.

Atletico – Real. Slow second half

It was hard to believe that the Royal Offensive could play with such momentum without Karim Benzema. In the final phase of the first half, Real simply looked like the best team in the world. The Atleti team, which was dying out with every minute, completely lost the idea of ​​violating the defense of their rivals.

After the break, the “Królewski” team did not intend to chase at any cost to increase the result. It was evident that the two-goal lead satisfied them, and Atletico’s attacks did not impress them. Like a derby, like a match at the top, like an amazing atmosphere in the stands, but you could come to the conclusion that Carlo Ancelotti’s players save a little bit and want to make it to the end of the match with the lowest possible effort.

And this approach could take revenge. Seven minutes before the end of the regular game time, Thibaut Courtois (second in the match) made an empty flight in the foreground, and Mario Hermoso quite happily sent the ball crossed from the corner to the net. The problem is that the Atletico players were unable to follow the blow. Instead of getting on Real and pushing him into a desperate defense, they started playing even tougher than before. Effect? Lots of breaks in the game, scuffles, quarrels … In short – lost time. Suffice it to say that Hermoso, who gave his team hope in the end, then looked at two yellow cards in two minutes and flew to the locker room. Although it is doubtful whether the second yellow card was really his. For comparison, Reinildo, who probably earned four yellow cards today, somehow managed to make it to the referee’s final whistle with just one admonition.

The result has therefore not changed anymore and Real has once again recorded a full set of points on their account. Summa summarum – deservedly. It was not a dazzling performance by the national champions, Real just played very solidly with flashes of genius. As you can see – that’s enough for Atletico today.


(M. Hermoso 90 + 1 ′ – Rodrygo 18 ′, F. Valverde 36 ′)



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