Rapper Coolio is dead. His song on YouTube has been viewed a billion times

Coolio, whose real name was Artis Leon Ivey Jr., died at the age of 59, his longtime manager confirmed. However, he did not disclose the cause of death and did not answer any question related to possible health problems of the musician – “The Guardian” reported.

Coolio was best known for the 1995 single “Gangsta’s Paradise”, for which he won a Grammy. The song was featured on the soundtrack to the Michelle Pfeiffer film “Young Angry”. The text refers to the biblical Psalm 23, and more specifically to the verse “Even if I walk in the dark valley, I will not fear evil.” The song uses samples from Stevie Wonder’s song “Pastime Paradise” from 1976. The video for the song has been viewed over a billion times on YouTube.

The rapper’s career began in the late 1980s and gained momentum with the release of his debut album “It Takes a Thief” in 1994. Before Coolio hit the scenes in the US, he worked as a volunteer firefighter. He said that this activity was “a way of cleansing” for him. “There was the discipline in firefighting training that I needed. We ran every day. I didn’t drink, smoke or do the things I used to do,” he recalled in an interview with the Los Angeles Times in 1994.

In recent years, Coolio has been more of a media personality. He appeared on the Big Brother reality show and was working on a culinary show that could be watched online. In 2013, the media heard the news about the auction, during which the rapper intended to sell the rights to his songs and finance the career of a professional cook with the funds obtained.

Source: theguardian.com


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