Ralph Kaminski mcdonald mcdonalds set by ralph kaminski

Ralph Kaminski mcdonald mcdonalds set by ralph kaminski

Ralph Kaminski's set at McDonald's

Ralph Kaminski's set at McDonald's

After loud collaboration McDonald’s chain with rapper Mata It’s time for another famous name promoting the restaurant “under the golden arches”. This time the singer Ralph Kaminski became the face. Its set includes Ralph’s original sandwich – Spicy Veggie Burger, fries and apple juice. The interest in the action is high, but … Is there really something to get excited about?

Ralph and his “Ball in Poppy”

Ralph Kaminski is one of the most listened Polish singers in recent months. The singer uses his “five minutes of fame”. In October, the Internet published information that the international chain of McDonald’s restaurants decided to establish cooperation with him. Fame and publicity, and now also reach, play a key role for marketers. No wonder Ralph was invited to cooperate.

This is the second Polish contractor who has prepared his own set in a well-known fast food chain. Earlier, Mata created his McZ Set, and the unusual cooperation was widely echoed among young peoplewho ran to a restaurant to order a set of her favorite rapper, as well as critics who found it not very ethical to promote the fast food chain. At the same time, the set was widely criticized by customers who did not hide their disappointment with the taste of the matcha drink served with the sandwich.

Mata promotes fast food, a storm of youth for sets.  Sheep's rush and a sign of the times?Mata promotes fast food, a storm of youth for sets. Sheep’s rush and a sign of the times?

He doesn’t eat meat and promotes McDonald’s

For many people, it was quite a surprise to learn about the new cooperation established this time between Ralph Kaminski and the “golden arcs” network. It was especially surprising that the artist … does not eat meat. Thus, the cooperation did not seem to be very consistent with his image.

The campaign with Ralph Kaminski started at the beginning of October, but before the news about the possibility of buying Ralph’s proprietary kit hit the web, it seemed to be only an unusual marketing procedure.

Another McDonald's in the Tri-CityAnother McDonald’s in the Tri-City

Using the application and QR codes, it was possible to see a piece of the singer’s music video adapted to augmented reality, thanks to which the artist performed his song “Bal u Rafała” as in a music video in a place chosen by us, such as a food tray in a restaurant. Additionally, Kaminski announced a mini-tour around Poland (9/11 in Sosnowiec, 13/11 in Nowy Dwór Gdański, 15/11 in Włocławek and 20/11 in Andrychów), for which you could get tickets by taking part in a quiz.

Vege burger with apple juice

However, at the end of October, there was information about the upcoming premiere of the set, which was supposed to go on sale on Thursday, November 3.

– Today is the great premiere of my kit at McDonald’s. Wow – there will be something to tell the grandchildren!
As a child, I dreamed of having my birthday in Mak, unfortunately there was no restaurant in Jasło. This set is rewarding childhood dreams – Ralph’s set includes – Bal Burger (aka Spicy Veggie Burger), apple juice (it’s my Apple Air), fries (a classic must be)! Order in the application – he wrote on his profile Ralph Kaminski November 3.

KFC or McDonald's?  We test fast food friesKFC or McDonald’s? We test fast food fries

On that day, a new item on the menu – “Spicy Veggie Burger” – debuted in all McDonald’s restaurants in Poland. The set and the sandwich itself were created by Kaminski. This is a time-limited offer available only in the “OkazYEAH!” Offer in the mobile application. The whole thing costs PLN 19.90, which is one of the currently cheaper sets at McDonald’s.

The set consists of medium fries, apple juice with a capacity of 250 ml and the mentioned “Spicy Veggie Burger”, composed by the host himself of the advertised “Ball in Poppy”.

McDonald’s is increasingly expanding its meatless offer with new items on the list, which is why the appearance of the Spicy Veggie Burger will probably appeal to many people who do not eat meat. It was created from a burger with a vegetable cutlet (based on, among others, carrots, peas and broccoli), a slice of fresh tomato, arugula, jalapeno peppers and spicy sauce.

Will Ralph Kaminski’s set be a hit like Mata’s set? Share your opinion in the comments.

Ball in Poppy. Ralph Kaminski’s concert:


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