Railway in Germany – critical point reached. “The situation may get out of control”

Railway in Germany – critical point reached.  “The situation may get out of control”

Railway in Germany – critical point reached. “The situation may get out of control”

Deutsche Bahn does not see the possibility of launching additional ones trains if you enter a ticket for 49 euro. “There is no room for additional trains in regional traffic around major hub stations,” Berthold Huber, Deutsche Bahn’s board member responsible for infrastructure, told the Welt am Sonntag newspaper.

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Critical point reached

– There is no possibility to convert the frequency of train traffic from half an hour to fifteen minutes. The infrastructure is tight and does not allow it, explained Huber.

In the short term, you can try to solve a possible increase in demand by increasing the number of seats on trains, “but here too we encounter limitations”, added a member of the board of directors of Deutsche Bahn.

The infrastructure can take a lot for a long time, but now we have reached the point where that is no longer possible and the situation could get out of control

he warned.

Huber warns against overloading the railway infrastructure.

On train delays, Huber admitted: “Their lack of punctuality this year is unacceptable.” A large part of this problem is a structurally obsolete network, which is becoming more and more vulnerable to faults. The repair backlog on the railway is currently 50 billion euro.

The minister wants a ticket for 49 euros from January

In early November, after long talks, row the federal government and the governments of the German states agreed in principle to finance the so-called “Deutschlandticket” literally means “German ticket”. From the beginning of 2023, the federal government will provide 1.5 billion euros a year to cover losses related to the introduction of this ticket, and the German states will allocate the same amount for it.

In addition, the federal government will provide an additional €1 billion to maintain and expand local rail transport this year, with spending increasing by three percent per year.

Minister of Transport German Volker Wissing wants to introduce a €49 ticket in January next year. Recently, however, he appealed for diligence in the implementation of this project. The date of its commencement is related to the condition of meeting the relevant technical requirements.


The text comes from the Deutsche Welle website.

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