Queen Elizabeth gives her sister an ultimatum. The princess Magorzata never forgave her

Małgorzata Windsor was born in 1930, so she was four years younger than Queen Elizabeth II. Unfortunately, she was not considered an example of health, and her condition dramatically worsened at the beginning of the 21st century. She passed away in 2002, two months before her mother. Despite not always perfect relationships the queen she did not hide her emotions at the funeral Princess Margaret.

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What was Elizabeth II like?

Małgorzata got into an affair with a married military man. The queen was against the wedding. The younger sister never forgave her for this move

When Elizabeth was prepared to take the throne from an early age, Margaret ya in its shadow. Up to a point, this situation was very comfortable for the younger daughter of King George VI, because the princess was a volcano of energy and did not hide her temperament. When her older sister ascended the throne, Margaret got into an affair with married Peter Townsend, the hero of the Battle of Britain. Their relationship surfaced over time to the media, and the soldier divorced he and announced to the young princess. The idea of ​​a wedding did not appeal to the royal family and the government. An ultimatum was given to the queen’s sister – if she married Peter, she would lose her right to the throne. In the face of such conditions, Małgorzata broke off her relationship with Townsend, but never forgave her older sister for her harsh reaction.

In 1960, Princess Margaret married the photographer Antony Armstrong-Jones. It seemed the queen’s unruly sister had finally settled down – giving birth to two kids and led the life of an exemplary wife. On the sidelines, however, gossip continued about her boisterous lifestyle and love affairs. After 18 years of marriage, she was forced to divorce.

For many years, Princess Margaret was a cigarette smoker, she gave up the stimulant only in the 90s, after undergoing a major surgery. Her health deteriorated even more in 2001, when she suffered a stroke. She died a year later after another serious stroke. Her funeral was attended by members of the royal family, and the monarch did not hide her emotions. As the coffin was lifted, tears sprang to the queen’s eyes, which she wiped from her cheek with an embarrassed gesture.

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