Queen Consort Camilla is already making changes to the court

Queen Consort Camilla is already making changes to the court. It is known that he will give up a very important and adored by Queen Elizabeth II tradition. This is the end of an era.

Queen Elizabeth II she died on September 8, and at the time of her death, her eldest son, the first in line to the throne, immediately became king Charles. He took the name of Charles III, and the first tasks of the new monarch were to prepare a state funeral for his mother. The Queen’s last farewell, attended by over 2,000 invited guests, including the president of Poland and his wife, took place on September 19.

King Charles III’s mother was the longest-reigning monarch on the throne of Great Britain. She sat on it for 70 years. In early June, she celebrated a platinum jubilee attended by all members of the Windsor family. It was then that she announced that she wanted Duchess Camilla to receive the title of “queen consort” after her death.

When the time comes and my son Charles becomes king, I know that you will show him and his wife Camilla the same support that you have shown me. It is my sincere wish that Camilla will receive the title of Queen Consort during her service, said Her Majesty.

Queen Consort Camilla makes changes to the court

The relationship between Camilla and Karol was very turbulent. He dated his second wife before he met Princess Diana. It is said that throughout their marriage to William and Harry’s mother, he would have had an affair with Parker-Bowles, who was the object of his sighs. The queen would not agree to their relationship, especially since Diana seemed to be the perfect candidate for the future king’s wife. We all know how tragically this story ended.

Years later, Karol and Camilla finally got married, and their love survived many unpleasant situations. They have been married since 2005, and a few days ago they took over the top positions in Great Britain.

The wife of King Charles III, as his mother wished, is called queen consort and, therefore, has already allowed herself to make the first changes to the court. It is known to give up the so-called traditions I will give the courtthat accompany the Queen or Princess. She did not decide on them, marrying Karol, and experts estimate that now she will not want any help from them either.

I think there will be a kind of correspondence office left, there will be a group of people answering the letters. But I don’t think they will get any specific title, says expert Koenig.

The ladies of the court are responsible for the support. They have many daily duties, such as helping with dressing, washing or choosing an outfit. They are selected from aristocratic families, but are not paid for their service. Interestingly, this function is lifetime and they cannot resign from it. Queen Elizabeth II she had several ladies of the court.

He does not use this possibility from the very beginning Duchess Kate. This tradition in the royal court seems to have ended with the passing of Queen Elizabeth II.

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