Qatar sheikhs openly despise women. They suffer, and it amuses them

Qatar sheikhs openly despise women. They suffer, and it amuses them

When ZDF’s Jochen Breyer asked why Qatar women should wear face down, friends of the World Cup ambassador responded in strange ways. – Compare this: you have unwrapped candy in front of you. You don’t know if someone touched them or bit them. And there are also some in a box. Which are you taking? “Asks one of the sheikhs smiling.

Breyer replies that the “probably packed” Sheikhs nod happily. The journalist, however, immediately explains that “women are not sweets!” The humiliating comparison to the candy that men use to justify themselves has been around for many years and has been circulating on Islamist websites as well.

A wealthy group of men are even in favor of locking up women. – Why would a woman leave the house? Give up all your money, care, love? – one of the interviewees wonders. For sheikhs, discrimination against women is a matter of course that is talked about openly and with amusement.

Johannes Vogel, a German politician, commented strongly on the actions of the sheikhs. “Women are not sweets. Homosexuality is not ‘psychological harm.’ Awarding the World Cup to Qatar is and will remain a serious mistake,” he wrote on Twitter.

Human rights organizations have long condemned discrimination against women in Qatar. The complicated system severely limits their freedom and independence – for example, when it comes to getting married, studying, working and traveling. Hardly any of this works without the express consent of the men.

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