Qatar responds to the Danish jersey. Official statement

Denmark surprised the whole world yesterday with its T-shirt, on which no emblems are visible. It is a form of protest against the upcoming World Cup to be held in a country that violates human rights. The Qatar people have addressed this issue in an official statement.

Qatar responds to the Danish jersey.  Official statement

This T-shirt carries a message. We don’t want to be seen at a tournament that has cost thousands of lives. We support the Danish national team but that does not mean supporting Qatar as the host country – wrote the technical sponsor of the Danish national team during the presentation of the jersey. The third uniform of the Scandinavian team is also black. It is a sign of mourning for all those who died in the construction of the stadiums. This is a clear message from a championship participant who does not want to identify with this tournament.

The response from the Qatar Supreme Committee came immediately. The championship organizer believes that Hummel is trivializing Qatar’s efforts to improve conditions and ensure the safety of workers building the World Cup arenas. “We question Hummel’s claim that this tournament cost thousands of lives,” we read in the statement.

“We wholeheartedly deny trivializing our true commitment to protecting the health and safety of the 30,000 people who built the FIFA World Cup stadiums and other tournament projects.”

“As in any country, making progress on these issues is like traveling without a finish line. Qatar is part of this journey. ”

“We call on the DBU [duński związek piłki nożnej – red.] to accurate factual reporting and extensive communication and collaboration with the Supreme Committee, and to ensure that this is accurately communicated to their Hummel partners. ”



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