Putin’s strange gestures. He hadn’t acted like this before. “Anyone know what’s wrong with him?” [WIDEO]

Strange gestures and shouts by the Russian president Vladimir Putincan be seen in the short video that is circulating on social media. It is not clear why and to whom the Russian dictator made gestures of hugs and kisses. Putin was apparently surprised by the affectionate greeting that the guests in the room offered themselves.

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In the video, we see Putin waving in one direction and then pointing to the other side of the room, parodying a hug and kiss, usually performed as a greeting. Putin had to wait for the President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdoganwho was in no hurry to come to a meeting with the president of Russia. Already during the conversation, Putin had a slip-up, calling Erdogan Prime Minister.

The video went around the web, and there were also funny comments about the video. “Does anyone know what’s wrong with him?” Ukrainian agency UNIAN asked on Telegram.

During the summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (September 15-16), Putin was asked about the ongoing war and the recent successes of the Ukrainian army. The president admitted that he saw activity at the front and added that “we will see how it ends”. He stressed that Russia was ready to respond more seriously in the event of an increased threat.

Earlier, a recording appeared on social media on which you can see Putin and Erdogan arm in arm. The pictures resumed the discussion about the health of the Russian dictator, who is not to be in the best shape.

The meeting of the presidents of Russia and Turkey took place on Friday, September 16. The conversation of the heads of state took place behind closed doors and lasted 40 minutes. Then a press briefing was organized with their participation.

In July, the media wrote about Erdogan’s meeting with Putin in Iran. Then the Turkish president “made” himself wait for about a minute before welcoming the Russian leader. He made strange faces while waiting.

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