“Putin’s soldier” has lost control. Propaganda is now moving in this direction

“Putin’s soldier” has lost control. Propaganda is now moving in this direction

In his last speech last week, Vladimir Putin he convinced foreign listeners that a so-called new world order was looming on the horizon. The Russian president also accused Ukraine of “trying to start a nuclear incident in order to pass responsibility on to Russia.” Putin also brazenly blamed the West with the global food and energy crisis.

Experts emphasize that the change in mood in the Kremlin also influenced the shape of Russian propaganda. At the beginning of the week, Vladimir Solovyov, known as “Putin’s soldier”, was already convincing in a vision that that the present war was caused by the West – for which NATO is supposed to be responsible.

“Russian propagandist Vladimir Solovyov is furious and depressed because Russia is helpless in Ukraine. He lies that NATO started a war with Russia on February 17 and poured a lot of regret on Joe Biden, Volodymyr Zelensky, Germany and others“- Julia Davis, an American journalist dealing with Russian propaganda, reported in one of the latest entries.

In the recordings that are already available on Twitter, you can see Solovyov losing his temper, calling the rulers in the West – in the US, Great Britain and all of Europe – “Satanists”.

During Soloviev’s Monday show, the host and guests also continued their efforts to convince viewers that for the Russians, death would be a better option as opposed to being defeated. One of the professors present in the studio presented the hypothesis that in the event of a loss The Russians will be exhibited in American zoos along with the animals. He said: “Westerners like colonialism … They want us in their zoos. They will come and see – there is an elephant, and here is a Russian. Don’t come closer and try to feed him through the cage.”

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Experts emphasize that Russian propaganda has recently adopted various narratives. However, no one in the Kremlin is hiding that the purpose of the ongoing military operations is total destruction of the Ukrainian state.

– We are dealing with a weak Putin and a weak Russia, which is unable to win this war on the battlefield. But it is not weak enough Russia to withdraw from Ukraine. Unfortunately, I expect that the strategy of destroying Ukraine will continue as long as possible. Putin has a clear goal here – Russian journalist Konstantin Eggert told Onetwho for many years served as head of the Moscow branch of the BBC.

Sources: Twitter, Onet


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