Putin’s precise goal. This is what he wants to achieve with “referenda” in Ukraine

Vladimir Putin announced that on Friday he would include four occupied Ukrainian oblasts: Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson and Zaporizhia into Russia. These decisions are to be approved by the Russian parliament.

Official annexation of four Ukrainian regions it is the most serious escalation of the conflict since Russia began a full-scale invasion.

Putin said he was ready to defend these territories by all means available, pointing out that he would be willing to use a nuclear strike to stop Ukraine’s efforts to liberate its sovereign territory.

Why does Putin need “referenda” in Ukraine? – The first reason is purely technical. These 300 thousand. mobilized people, those conscripts, can – according to Russian law – fight only in the territory of the Russian Federation. So they just couldn’t get in there. The second thing – information is constantly directed to the internal market there. Even the Russians, grinded by propaganda, were saying: we are probably fighting in a foreign country. Now, go ahead: they are attacking us, we must take back our areas. The third reason is more oriented towards the external market. It is simply escalating this conflict, putting pressure on Western societies. It took effect. The nuclear scarecrow worked – Wyrwal explained in “Onet Rano.”

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