Putin’s Iron Doll with a shocking commentary. “It is impossible to defeat Russia without a nuclear explosion”

Olga Skabiejewa Together with her husband, Yevgeny Popov, she runs the “60 Minutes” program on the pro-Kremlin radio station Rossiya 1. Due to her zeal in supporting the Kremlin’s propaganda, Skabieva has earned the nickname “Putin’s iron doll”. In the last part of her program, she referred to the message she had delivered by the Russian leader. Her statements can be astonishing to many.

The recording with Skabiejewa’s comments was published on Twitter by Julia Davis, a journalist dealing with monitoring Russian media. Davis noted that propagandists seem dissatisfied that the West misunderstood Putin’s words – Russia is threatening Western countries with nuclear weapons, not Ukraine. Igor Korotchenko, who was presented in the studio as an expert on military affairs, said: “The West must understand that if such weapons [nuklearna — przyp. red.] exists, the restrictions on its use may be lifted under appropriate circumstances. “

Skabiejewa added: “What do they want? Victory over Russia. Defeating Russia without a nuclear explosion is not possible. We will not allow our country to be destroyed. If you try to defeat us, you will be swept away with us.” One of the experts tried to interrupt her, but the “iron doll” kept him from speaking. “What should we do to prevent a nuclear war? Or is there no turning back?” – she asked. “As long as the Russian Federation has nuclear weapons, Ukraine’s victory is not possible,” she argued.

“Push us to the corner and they will all be destroyed. (…) Why don’t you understand?” – Skabiejewa added.

Source: Twitter.com


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