Putin’s friend scares Europe. Here is his bold statement

The Russian deputy was a guest on TV Rossiya 1. When asked about the prospects for the war in Ukraine, he answered briefly: – We will win and survive regardless of the costs.

Distorting the reality, he stated that half of the soldiers fighting in Ukraine were foreigners, because Ukrainians lacked people willing to fight Russia. He also stated that Russia could use nuclear weapons. US President Joe Biden warned Vladimir Putin against such a step a few days ago.

– Yes, we can use it, but not in Ukraine, because we will still live there – said the confident Russian.

The Russian also mocked the possibility of launching by FOR THIS art. 5, which states that if any member state is attacked, others will defend it.

– If we turn the British Isles into a Martian desert, using tactical nuclear weapons, for whom will they activate Art. 5? For a nonexistent country that has been turned into a Martian desert? He asked belligerently.

He also said that the same fate could befall “satiated German burgers, whose butt is already starting to freeze before the coming winter”. “Not only will their home freeze, but the entire nation will be thrown into chaos, which essentially means its death,” he added.

Source: Twitter

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