Putin’s bizarre words. Ukraine as a “testing ground”

Putin’s bizarre words. Ukraine as a “testing ground”

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“The US is using Ukraine as a battering ram against Russia,” Putin said. – A black market of weapons is emerging in Ukraine, there is a risk of falling into the hands of the perpetrators of portable anti-aircraft missile systems and precision weapons – added the Russian president.

Putin even made such absurd accusations as that Ukraine plans to use “dirty bomb”.

– The incident on the Crimean Bridge and the sabotage attempts at the Kursk nuclear power plant show that increased security measures should be taken in the country’s energy and transport infrastructure, Vladimir Putin said.

The Kremlin said Putin was monitoring exercises by the country’s strategic nuclear forces on Wednesday, including multiple ballistic and cruise missile launches.

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said the exercises were intended to simulate a “massive nuclear strike” by Russia in retaliation for a nuclear attack on Russia. The exercise takes place in conditions of growing Russian-Western tensions related to Moscow’s actions in Ukraine.

source: NTV, Twitter

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