Putin’s agents infiltrated the defense structures of Ukraine. “We cannot underestimate the enemy”

We cannot underestimate the enemy he declared Venislavsky at a briefing organized by the Ukrinform agency. Their interview unfortunately has many agents thanks to which they partially know about the steps of our armed forces that will be taken in the near future – added.

Mobilization in Russia

WenisÅ‚awski also referred to mobilization in Russia announced on Wednesday by the president Vladimir Putin. He said that such a step was to be expected, as it became clear after the recent successes of the Ukrainian armed forces that Russia had exhausted its troop resources, exhausted all possibilities for covert mobilization, and had to announce it openly. For the same reason, no attention should be paid to nuclear blackmail by Putin – he pointed out.


When asked what he thought about pseudo-referendawhich are to be held in the four Russian-occupied regions of Ukraine in the coming days, with the aim of joining these territories to Russia, Venislavski replied that no one would recognize their results, just as no one acknowledged the results of the 2014 pseudo-referendum in Crimea.

Neither Russia nor anyone else has any legal grounds to hold any referenda on Ukrainian soil – said the representative of the President of Ukraine.

WenisÅ‚awski also commented on the numbers mentioned in the context of mobilization. Officially, they talk about 300,000. We do not know how many people they will mobilize. We know that how many there are, we will protect ourselves – he stressed.

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