Putin will miscalculate? “The West knows perfectly well where his bunker is located”

It is a cry of despair because the Russians have understood that they are losing at the front and are unable to hold the already occupied territories. Russian army he withdraws and the question of the liberation of these areas by Ukrainian forces is only a matter of time – a military expert told PAP on Wednesday Oleh Zhdanov.

Mobilization announcement

The four Russian-occupied regions of Ukraine urgently announced on Tuesday that they intend to move referenda on joining Russia. These are the self-proclaimed so-called People’s Republics of Donetsk and Lugansk, as well as the occupied parts of the Kherson and Zaporizhia oblasts.

At Wednesday morning Putin announced a partial mobilization in Russia and announced his support for the so-called referenda in the occupied territories of Ukraine, which he called “the historical lands of Novorossiya”.

Today Putin is trying to “stretch” the ideology that Russia is in danger The analyst said. In his opinion, mobilization at the moment will have no effect, because this ideology does not work.

The Russian army does not want to fight. These three hundred thousand will collect until the New Year. The mobilization had to be announced in March, when someone else could believe the stories about the “Nazis” in Ukraine the expert said.

For Ukraine, these pseudo-referenda do not change anything, nobody in the world will recognize them. The more so because combat operations are underway in these areas, and they are to be “remote voting”. There are connectivity problems in these areas, not to mention the internet – added the expert.

The formation of Novorossiya

Putin does not intend to join the occupied territories right away. That is why he said about the “lands of Novorossiya”. In my opinion, this may be an attempt to create an entity called Novorossiya or Novoukraine Said Zhdanov. In his opinion, the occupation “of even a square meter means a new package of sanctions, which for Russia” may become the last one before its collapse. “

Putin wants to revive the Soviet Union, or rather create an empire within the borders of the USSR. Taking Zaporizhia Oblast and joining Russia is not “imperialist style”. No, he would like to create a separate entity first and then, for example, include it in the federal state. He dreams about it – he has already done it with Lukashenka, and now he is putting pressure on Armenia Said Zhdanov.

Key West Response

Now, the reaction of the West is crucial, there must be an appropriate response to this challenge that Putin has placed on him – the interlocutor noted.

Nuclear Weapons Threats it is an element of intimidation, argues the analyst. Kremlin propagandists argue that after the annexation, the Kremlin will treat the occupied territories as part of its territory and will “have untied hands to use all means.” Putin suggested the same on Wednesday.

And what other argument can Russia use besides nuclear weapons? Putin says: “You won’t listen to me, there will be a nuclear war.” Although the leaders of the USA and Great Britain indirectly, through media, made it clear that they reserve the right to react in the event of the use of weapons of mass destruction. And the West knows perfectly well where his bunker is located Zhdanov pointed out.

So I have a question: why didn’t they answer when Ukraine launched attacks in Crimea? After all, they knew very well that Ukraine was behind them – added the expert.

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