Putin scares the world. Gen. Bieniek on a possible US response

President Joe Biden’s national security adviser Jake Sullivan said the US would “respond decisively” if Russia decides to launch a nuclear strike. – What does it mean? What might the US response to Russia’s nuclear attack look like? – the host Mateusz Ratajczak asked the guest of the “WP Newsroom” program, General Mieczysław Bieńek. – I cannot answer this question because I do not know the plans of American strategists. Besides, I do not believe in the use of nuclear weapons by Putin, although you have to take seriously the words of a guy who is probably not completely balanced or his psyche is unstable – replied the former deputy NATO Strategic Commander. Explaining why he did not believe Putin to use nuclear weapons, he replied that there were several reasons against this. – First, China is not interested in such a last resort, lest we climb to the top of the ladder in escalating this tension and this conflict. Secondly, Putin’s entourage is reasonable enough to dissuade him. Thirdly, this weapon will not change the face of the war, nor tip the tactical or operational advantage of Russia, stated General Bieniek. He added that a fourth reason is also at stake: the US response. In his opinion, however, the US will not use nuclear weapons, because then it would end in “total Armageddon”. – Perhaps they will carry out some terrible strike with classic weapons, it could be, for example, the sinking of the Black Sea Fleet or a strike against some very sensitive objects for Russia. But it will cause a further, unpredictable escalation of this conflict – added the guest of the “Newsroom WP” program. Gen. Bieniek recalled that nuclear weapons are currently used as a deterrent. He recalled that since 1945 it has not been used even once. – I hope that it will not come to that either – added General Bieniek.


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