Putin on violence on the anniversary of the expulsion of Poles from the Kremlin

Putin on violence on the anniversary of the expulsion of Poles from the Kremlin

However, Putin is not speaking to the Ukrainians. With your thoughts he shared with his subjects at a meeting “on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the reconstruction of the Russian Historical and Military Society of Russia.”

This is a Christmas tale for Russians: about the liberating power of violence and suffering. And that violence is the foundation of their country and Putin’s entire world.

Poles are better than Lenin

Since 2004, Putin no longer celebrates the anniversary of the October Revolution because he does not respect its achievements. First, it has abolished the free market, and Putin cares first and foremost about a free market where you can make good money. Even now, in the war, when he calls out his arms plants to free market competitionto produce even better equipment.

Secondly, the Bolshevik coup also deprived Russia of its victory in World War I, according to the current interpretation, and led to the weakening of the empire (the Bolsheviks signed the Brest Treaty with Germany in 1918, handing over the entire west to the tsarist empire in order to maintain power in Russia). In addition, Lenin “artificially” founded Ukraine by creating the Ukrainian Soviet republic – Putin tells about this “misfortune of Russia” from the very beginning of the invasion of Ukraine.

So, instead of honoring the Bolshevik coup on November 7, Putin celebrates the anniversary of the “expulsion of Poles from the Kremlin” in 1612. It is a good symbol of the fight against the West, which Putin has been waging since February 24 – at the same time declaring that he has no hostile intentions towards this West, but there is also no way out.

The West Puppet an eternal enemy

Here is a small digression: Putin’s hostile West has a puppet structure that someone manipulates from the inside. It is a bit like with Germany, which, according to Jarosław Kaczyński, rules the European Union from the inside. Putin looks at the world more broadly, so he sees that the United States is shaking a puppet called the West. They decide everything. The puppet-West has a few sticks apart from the head: one of them is Great Britain (“an empire that became a colony of its former colony”, as the Kremlin propaganda repeats). And the other is Poland, often exposed in propaganda even more than (lost) Germany or (massively protesting) France.

On November 4, Russia leaves the victory over Poland, that is, over the West, that is, over the USA.

Putin lays flowers at the monument.  A group of young people in orange jackets is waiting for him
Putin lays flowers at the 19th-century monument to Kuzma Minin and Dmitry Pozharsky, who drove Poles out of the Kremlin. A group of activists is waiting for him, to whom Putin will tell in a moment how he rebuilds the conquered Ukraine. “Wiesti”, November 4, 2022

And I expected such celebrations. Meanwhile, it was completely different. Putin laid flowers at the monument commemorating the expulsion of Poles, but he dealt with Ukraine all day:

“Russia respects the Ukrainian people” – he announced. “Russia has always referred to the citizens of Ukraine with warmth and so he treats them nowdespite today’s tragic confrontation. “

Tale of a female boxer

The message was based on the belief that the use of violence is a symptom of love (“How he beats, means he loves”). Putin creates a story that normalizes the bloody events in his country: mobilization, death at the front and daily reports of propaganda about the destruction of “brother Ukraine” by the Russian army.

These news also came during Putin’s Christmas speeches:

Putin, like a real female boxer, explains to his subjects that Ukraine is to blame for itself because it was not doing well. It allowed itself to be colonized by the West, and what is worse, this was the fate that the West prepared for Russia.

Note that this argument has an important logical gap: Ukraine allowed itself to be colonized because it wanted to. Russia does not want this – so why should the West succeed in colonizing Russia and use tanks in defense? However, as in any abuser’s story, the justification for the violence is not important. The important thing is that the abuser believes in them.

So Putin had no choice but to respond to Ukraine’s bad behavior. And this is how Ukraine is “the first and main victim of the consciously intensified sublimation of hatred towards Russians, towards Russia.”

Putin sympathizes with her, but “a clash between Russia and the neo-Nazi regime that appeared on the territory of Ukraine was inevitable. And had we not taken appropriate action in February, everything would have been the same, but in a worse situation for us. “

A week after Putin announced (to the world, not Russia) that Ukraine was a separate nation – although it was created in a process Putin does not like – the narrative was changed:

“Difficult and bitter is also the fact that one nation really fights with itself. In fact, the confrontation is within one nation. Just as it was after the coups of 1917, when foreign powers “warmed their hands” in the civil war in Russia. “

A tale of a godly pop

Patriarch Cyril hurried with God’s word: Russia suffers and is a victim. The bad world wants to destroy her, so what Putin does is good and fair:

“Unfortunately, today we are witnessing destructive attempts by a number of Western countries to ban or exclude Russian culture from the agenda.

The reason, according to Western critics, is traditionalism, referring to the fundamental features of the human soul, readiness to affirm the truth about God, the beauty and power of Christianity.

Spiritual and cultural aggression against our country is not new, and maybe its sources can be found in our spiritual and cultural otherness “- said the patriarch in the church. And at a “historical” meeting with Putin, he added like a true spiritual father comforting a beaten woman:

“Without unity, there is no state or nation. And there is no unity of a nation without the unity of spirit and values. “

Three Soviet posters showing Ukrainian-Russian friendship
Evidence of Ukrainian-Russian spiritual unity: Soviet posters at the exhibition opened on November 3 in Moscow. Putin visited her on November 4. “Wiesti”, November 4, 2022
A socialist realist poster with two female characters
Another proof of Ukrainian-Russian unity – from the exhibition in Moscow. “Wiesti”, November 4, 2022

You’ll improve and I’ll buy you something

If Ukraine improves and behaves properly, Putin will reward her. For now, it intends to award “Novorossiya”, that is the “annexed” lands of Ukraine. He intends to help rebuild what he has destroyed.

“The people of Novorossiya should not be left without support, warmth and shelter, the Russian authorities will do everything possible for this,” he said.

But this is not the end of gifts for a new and better life. “Novorossiya” will get new museums.

“You say museums in Novorossiysk are in a state that requires special attention from the federal center, the regions. Of course we will. Now there are many problems with the rebuilding of the housing stock suffered by the hostilities, and of course we have to do this in the first place, as they say, so that people are not simply left homeless in winter. ‘

“Of course, the existing material culture objects must be preserved and used in the future, but it would be very right to do and build the work in such a way as to saturate them with modern technologies ”.

Only I will protect you

A Polish thread appeared – told in Putin’s language, somewhat incoherently and not very logically.But it is not about logic here, but about a benevolent tone with which the lord and the ruler explains the world to us:

“Some countries, including Poland, have not yet given up the idea of ​​absorbing Ukraine and returning territories torn out in the past” – Putin said. “The leaders are hugging, but the idea of ​​absorbing Ukraine has not disappeared. Almost no one knows it, it’s only in archival documents [jest]. It is the idea of ​​returning territories that have been torn off from Poland. “

There is also something for Russians:

“These efforts, also aimed at weakening, disintegrating and destroying Russia, are continuing. They are at the root of the events taking place in Ukraine. We will never allow it. We will defend our homeland like our heroic ancestors “- Putin threatened the Russians.

For Russia’s strength lies only in unity, still understood as unity with Ukraine. And the West will not tear it apart. That is why the participant in the meeting with Putin in the historical society presented a fundamental postulate: that Russia should produce toys referring to Russian fairy tales. “Because now there are only batmans in the stores.”

Happy Holidays!

From the beginning of Russia’s attack on Ukraine, we have been following what Russian propaganda says on this subject. What tricks does it use, what arguments? What can be read between the lines?

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