Putin has at least three doubles? The head of the Ukrainian military intelligence reveals: it can be seen in films and photos

Putin has at least three doubles? The head of the Ukrainian military intelligence reveals: it can be seen in films and photos

For what purpose Moscow needs a few of Vladimir Putin’s doubles? According to the head of the Ukrainian military intelligence, these people are used to conceal the loss of control in the Kremlin.

It is not known if the real Putin still exists. Putin was not an idiot in the past, and the war in Ukraine has no logic.
– says Budanov.

According to the head of the HUR, the Ukrainian government is surprised by the catastrophic strategy of the Russian invasion and hence the supposition that Putin no longer makes the key decisions.

Putin’s doppelganger can be recognized?

Budanov stated that Putin has used doubles in the pastwho replaced him on “special occasions” but now that is “normal practice”.

We know for sure about the three replacing him, but we do not know exactly how many there are. They all underwent plastic surgery to look similar. It betrays their height – you can see it in videos and photos – as well as the gestures, body language and earlobes that are unique to each person.
– he stressed. head of HUR.

General Budanov has refused to speculate on whether Putin has disappeared due to illness or a power struggle.

Ukrainian counteroffensive

He added that the Kremlin was running out of maneuvering missiles and assessed that if Ukraine regained Kherson, it could have dramatic consequences for the Russian regime.

The Daily Mail recalled that in July a high-ranking Ukrainian intelligence official claimed that Putin had probably sent a double to visit Iran.

The editorial office of the British newspaper reminds that General Kyryło Budanov is a figure who “has gotten under the skin of the Russians.” Ukrainian media reports that in 2019 he was the target of an attempted attack. Last week, the paper said, a leading Russian analyst praised Budanov’s effectiveness and called for his elimination.

Yes, they officially call me Public Enemy No.1.
– admitted the head of HUR.

Budanov said he believed recovery of Crimea by Ukraine for a “personal” mission, as he spent the summer in Sevastopol as a child. He expressed his misunderstanding of those who said that Ukraine should not provoke Russia for fear of escalating the war – and, according to some commentators, an attempt to regain the peninsula may lead to this, according to the Daily Mail.

Nuclear weapons are not weapons – they are a deterrent. And Russia knows perfectly well that it cannot use it.
– said Kyryło Budanov when asked about the possibility of Russia using nuclear weapons.

Source:, PAP

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