Pursuit. Kamil Grosicki getting closer to leaving the Polish national team? “This could be a fun time to say goodbye”

When will Kamil Grosicki end his representation career? The Pogoń winger admitted what he dreams about in the context of the national team and when the time will come to make a decision on this matter.

Kamil Grosicki is an 86-time representative of Poland, a member of the Club of the Outstanding Representative and a long-term pillar of the staff, especially during the term of Adam Nawałka. For some time, however, the role of “Grosik” in the representation has been diminishing. The footballer of Pogoń Szczecin did not appreciate Paulo Sous, and Czesław Michniewicz, although he regularly appoints a winger, does not see him in the leading role.

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Therefore, there are voices that we are seeing the end of an experienced player’s national team career. However, Grosicki himself does not intend to resign from the staff. Not yet, as he told in an interview with Mateusz Skwierawski for the “WP Sportowe Fakty” website.

I have always said that I will never resign from the national team, but I realize that the years are flying by, my time is passing, and the team has to invest in young players – he said. – I have a dream to go to the world championships, and after the World Cup there will be time for decisions – he declared.

The winger, however, noted that he was trying to play his best and still felt strong enough to perform at an international level.

I am happy with each new vocation, this is how I approach it. I do not look ahead, I try to play my best in our yard. This is my third training camp during the term of coach Michniewicz and I want to show with a good game that I deserved it. I have to make the most of every minute in the squad – as if it were my last minute in the national team. I still have the power to play on an international level. I do not want to take anyone’s seat, but only when I know that I am losing the sports competition – I will say “stop” – he stressed.

Grosicki does not exclude the possibility that he may part with the team after the end of the World Cup, which will be played in November and December on the fields in Qatar.

Take it easy – at the moment I feel that I can give the representation a lot, that I may be needed. But after the World Cup? This could be a fun time to say goodbye – He admitted.

“Grosik” also pointed out the players who may be the future of the national team on the wings.

It seems to me that no player has made it to this position for a long time. Now Sebek Szymański, naturally a central midfielder, or Nicola Zalewski is playing there. A typical winger is Przemek Frankowski. There are also young ones: Kuba Kamiński and Michał Kryształś, who looks very good at Lech. Let’s hope that they are the future of the team and they will be the strength of the wings – he summed up.

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