Purchasing power in Poland and Europe. The latest GfK study

Purchasing power in Poland and Europe. The latest GfK study

According to the latest GfK survey measuring purchasing power, Poland was ranked 29th out of 42 European countries. We were followed by Hungary (30) and Romania (31). The Czech Republic is ahead of Poland (22).

“The GfK list clearly shows how large differences exist in terms of purchasing power among the countries of the Old Continent. In 2022, Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Luxembourg were in the first places – as in the previous year. Kosovo, Moldova and Ukraine came at the bottom of the list. “- we read in the report.

The study showed that in 2022, Europeans have an amount of around EUR 11.1 trillion to spend. They can issue it, among others for food, housing, services, energy, insurance, holidays, communication, etc.

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This corresponds to an average purchasing power per capita of EUR 16,344 (PLN 76,810, at the euro exchange rate on November 2 this year. PLN 4.7), which means a nominal increase of 5.8%. compared to the previous year. This increase however, it does not take inflation into account. For the vast majority of countries, the real purchasing power was lower than a year ago.

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