Punishment for Lewandowski will be withheld? There is a possibility!

Punishment for Lewandowski will be withheld?  There is a possibility!

Punishment for Lewandowski will be withheld? There is a possibility!

The case has been dragging on for a month and a half, to be precise, since November 8, when Barcelona played with Osasuna. The Pole received a red card before the break, and consequently two yellow ones. Normally Lewandowski he would have been disqualified for one match, but the disciplinary commission found that the Pole, leaving the pitch, made offensive gestures to the referee, for which he received two more suspensions.

Lewandowski swore that the gestures were not offensive and, above all, he did not refer them to the referee, but the commission also did not take this into account in the appeal and upheld the suspension of two additional matches.

What’s next for Robert Lewandowski’s suspension?

Barcelona, ​​however, does not lay down its arms and appealed to the last instance – the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Lausanne, which will be dealt with on Friday. If the SAD upholds the decision of the Spanish authorities, then the matter will be clear and Lewandowski must serve his sentence.

However, according to “Mundo Deportivo”, Barcelona hedged in case a decision was not made on Friday. The newspaper writes that The Catalans sent a letter to Lausanne asking for a temporary suspension of the penalty in the absence of a decision. And that would mean that Lewandowski would have a chance to play in two matches in which he is currently suspended.

It is certain that the Pole will not appear at the Camp Nou on December 31 in a meeting with Espanyol Barcelonabecause in this match he will be serving a penalty for two yellow cards. However, the next two matches are in doubt – away from Atletico Madrid and at your stadium with Getaf. If SAD does not make a decision, then there is a chance that the Pole will appear in these matches, and he will suffer any penalty in other matches (unless it is revoked by SAD).

Why does Robert Lewandowski agree to such a style of playing the Polish national team? The experts have spoken. VIDEO (Polsat Sport)/ /Polsat Sport/ /Polsat Sport

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