PS VR2 on the trailer! Sony shows gameplay and allows you to “feel a new reality”

Sony has just published an extensive trailer for PlayStation VR 2, which focuses on showing the greatest advantages of virtual reality goggles working with PlayStation 5. The material shows several games, and at the same time the manufacturer shows the unique features of the platform.

PlayStation VR 2 is the latest Sony device that is expected to hit the market early next year. Sony has still not confirmed the release date, but as you can see a new ad has been created and its clippings will probably go to different places.

The manufacturer emphasizes that the equipment is to offer a “new reality”, and a positive experience will be provided by, among others, a 4K HDR screen with up to 120 fps (two OLED 2000×2040 screens offer four times higher resolution than the original PlayStation VR goggles), increased comfort (field 110-degree and lighter construction), eye tracking technology and vibration. The device also offers haptic feedback, which we know from, among others, DualSense. PS VR2 also received Tempest 3D AudioTech support, and we will connect the equipment to PlayStation 5 with a single cable.

In the video you can also see PlayStation VR2 Sense, i.e. new Sony controllers, which, according to the Japanese, are to offer a completely new experience – just like in DualSense, you will feel refined vibrations here and use adaptive triggers during the action.

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