Przemek Kossakowski does not look like this anymore. What a change!

Przemek Kossakowski and Martyna Wojciechowska formed one of the most popular Polish show business couples. They were united not only by their work on the same television, but also by their love of travel. Unfortunately, their marriage did not stand the test of time. Journalists divorced in July 2022.

The changes in Kossakowski’s private life also influenced his work. Kossakowski quit his television job. What is he doing now? Fans who follow his Instagram account have noticed that Kossakowski has returned to his greatest passion, which is traveling.

Just published a photo from Albania.

Gjirokastra, the city of silver roofs and a thousand steps. A place that will soon become another neat and sterilized tourist pearl of the Balkans. Fortunately, today you can still find here the rough truth of run-down alleys and broken facades.

Fans in the comments not only discuss the tourist attractions of Albania, but also comment on the change in Kossakowski’s appearance.

What a beard. I barely recognized you!

I think you forgot what a hairdresser is.

You look terrible, shorten your chin.

Everything is great, but what about that beard?

And I like you with a beard too!

And how do you like Kossakowski in such a long beard?

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