Project CARS killed by EA

Project CARS killed by EA

Electronic Arts has just once again proved that its reputation as a “murderer” of brands and studios is fully deserved. Today, the news came like a bolt from the blue that series Project CARS will be abandoned – hence the thread of “Fours”, which has been slowly being talked about recently (and it promised to be better and better as a return to simulation roots). Service he first reported it unofficially, and then received a statement from EA that confirmed the dismal news.

After the evaluation of the next installment of the series Project CARS and its long-term growth potential, we decided to suspend the development of this brand and investment in it.

Decisions like this are very difficult, but they allow us to focus on areas that give us better opportunities to create experiences that fans will love. We focus our forces on our racing portfolio – especially licensed series and open world experiences – and expanding brands to be more community driven, with long-lived game services […] considering the changing expectations of fans, we recognize that our productions must evolve beyond pure fun, providing experiences that allow players to watch, create and connect with friends.

We will ensure that anyone affected by this decision is moved to their appropriate position within EA Sports and the racing game teams – or elsewhere in EA wherever possible. Our priority now is to provide our people with as much support as they need during this transition period.

I will leave this quote without comment – the paper might not accept the ugly words that squeeze on my lips as I absorb the above EA philosophy. It is good that the company declares that it does not intend to leave Slightly Mad Studios employees on the ice (I wonder if the name of this developer will survive at all, or if the “electronics” team will also abandon it).

Either way, the fact remains that in recent months – or even years – there have been signs that have led us to this situation. Bad condition released in 2020 Project CARS 3which defied the ideals of the brand, then a fiasco devoted to similar topics GRID Legends and the resignation of Ian Bell, head of Slightly Mad Studios (creators of the series), and recently removal from the stores of the first two installments of the cycle. You can read more reflections on this in my next Moto-Review. For now I’m going to cry on my pillow …

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