Princess Eugenia had royal rules at her grandmother’s funeral

Although from the moment of his death and funeral Queen Elizabeth II a long time has passed, the media is still focused on these historical events. This time, the granddaughter of the deceased monarch made the headlines of the tabloids, Princess Eugenia. Royal etiquette specialists saw in her funeral creation a small faux pas.

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Princess Eugenia is celebrating her second wedding anniversary

Princess Eugenia did not wear pearls, and the queen’s two daughters-in-law also followed in her footsteps

Princess Eugenia on funeral ceremonies appeared dressed in black a coat with gold buttons, and her face was obscured by a veil pinned to it hat about a large roundabout. Commentators, however, took note of her earrings. According to a tradition dating back to the Victorian era, women from royal family during mourning, they can only wear jewelery made of pearls. Prince Jerzy’s daughter, however, opted for minimalist golden circles. It was not the only one, because they made similar deviations from the norm Zofia Wessex and Sarah Ferguson. The daughters-in-law of the deceased monarchs attached brooches that were of special importance to the lapels of their jackets.

Sophie’s brooch had two black and silver diamond strawberries. It has been suggested that one of the Queen’s favorite fruits was British strawberries, so there may be an underlying meaning in her jewelry selection. (…) Sarah Ferguson also wore a brooch that could have been a nod to the queen because it was in the shape of a swallow. Swallows are a symbol of safety and, according to legend, helped guide sailors home. There may be a hidden message here, as the deceased queen has embarked on a historic journey to her final resting place, reports Mirror.

The other members of the royal family, with Princess Kate and Meghan at the helm, appeared at the ceremony wearing pearl jewelry.

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