Prince Harry will, however, wear a uniform to Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral

Apparently alone King Charles III made the decision that Prince Harry will not be able to appear at the funeral nearthe role of Elizabeth II in military uniform. The 38-year-old in his military career obtained, among others the rank of captain of the Army Air Corps. As we wrote before, the king forbade his son to appear in uniform at the funeral in conjunction with Harry’s abandonment of princely duties in 2020.

The same was supposed to happen in the case of Prince Andrzej, who was not supposed to appear in uniform after a loud scandal. It seems that the situation is dynamic and the arrangements have changed so far.

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Prince Harry can wear a military uniform

The Mirror reported that the queen’s grandson would be able to wear a uniform to watch her coffin. For Saturday’s event involving all of Elizabeth II’s grandchildren, Prince Harry was to receive a special permit. The journal’s informant stated that “common sense won”.

This would be an absurd situation considering the Duke of Sussex was serving his country and he is a very respected member of the armed forces with all he has done for the veterans, the source said.

Until now, Meghan Markle’s husband wore suits for events related to the Queen’s farewell.


Prince William and Prince Harry

It is said that the decision to allow Prince Harry was a result of the decision that his disgraced uncle could also wear a military uniform. Prince Andrzej was stripped of his military and royal titles in January.

King Charles III, Princess Anna and Prince Andrew


King Charles III, Princess Anna and Prince Andrew

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