Prince Harry, Spare. Who is the best member of the royal family in the autobiography of Prince Harry?

Prince Harry, Spare.  Who is the best member of the royal family in the autobiography of Prince Harry?

Prince Harry, Spare. Who is the best member of the royal family in the autobiography of Prince Harry?

King Charles and Duchess Meghan as positive heroes, the rest as more or less villains. The BBC has analyzed how Prince Harry portrays members of his immediate family in his autobiography. There are no major surprises, but in one case the assessment of the prince is ambiguous.

The world premiere of “Spare”, the famous autobiography of Prince Harry, took place on January 10, and the media gained access to many of its fragments last week. For several days, the subject of the book by the younger son of King Charles has been on the front pages of newspapers and portals, not only in the UK. BBC journalists who have already read “Spare” in its entirety write about how Harry introduced the individual members in it royal family.

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Good king, bad queen

In their opinion, he was by far the best King Charles III. The BBC’s portrayal of the monarch by his son is described as “largely a sympathetic portrayal”. The prince’s observations about his father are meant to touch on things readers were already aware of. “They strengthen his image” – emphasizes the portal. Harry is to present Karol as a “sensitive” man who after death Princess Diana he struggled to maintain an emotional bond with his son.

This does not mean, however, that the king, still awaiting his coronation, can read Spare with equanimity. In the book, his wife, the queen consort Camilla, is hit hard. As the BBC writes, Harry accuses her of courting the tabloid press in order to improve the image of a “villain” attributed to her from the beginning. The prince calls such a strategy “dangerous.”

On the other hand, Harry appreciates Camila for the peace and happiness she gave his father after the death of Princess Diana. She is also positive about her activities for victims of domestic violence.

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Harry about William and Kate

Whom Harry presents in the worst light, however, is not Kamila, but Prince William. The conflict between the brothers has been known for a long time. The media pays the most attention to those parts of the book where this theme appears. And there is no shortage of details. In his autobiography, Harry describes situation in which his brother was about to attack him and knock him to the floor. “William is presented here as an angry, frustrated, stressed, mentally blocked older brother. This does not fit his public image of a kind, handsome, empathetic member of the royal family,” concludes the BBC.

William’s wife is also not very good in the book, Duchess Kate. The BBC points out that although Harry himself has repeatedly said that he does not like to present Kate and Meghan’s relationship as a rivalry, in “Spare” he describes it in this way. Among other things, Harry reveals that his brother’s wife doesn’t like to cuddle or share lip gloss.

Harry about Meghan

There is less written about Meghan in the book than readers might expect, in large part because many chapters are devoted to the time before Harry knew her. However, when the American woman appears in it, she is presented in a very favorable light. The prince does not hide that “Meg” – as he calls her – changed his life. Without her, he writes, creating “Spare” would be “logistically, physically, emotionally and spiritually” impossible.

“Spare”: the most shocking plots

The controversy surrounding “Spare” does not only concern relations within the royal family. Harry also describes his own problems in his autobiography, e.g. those related to alcohol, parties and drugs. He also writes about losing his virginity and gives details about the scandal he caused when he appeared at a masquerade ball in a Nazi uniform. He also confesses how many Taliban killed while serving in Afghanistan.

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