Prince Harry killed 25 people on a mission in Afghanistan

Prince Harry killed 25 people on a mission in Afghanistan

Prince Harry killed 25 people on a mission in Afghanistan

Prince Harry took part in missions in Afghanistan years ago, during which he did not avoid bloodshed. As he admitted in his latest autobiography, his only dream at that time was to return home with all limbs and a clear conscience. “Eliminating enemies” left a permanent mark on his psyche.

Prince Harry has released his autobiography ‘Spare’

Prince Harry he has proven many times that he has the courage to go against the expectations of his family members. The interview he and his wife gave to Oprah Winfrey, numerous media statements and a documentary mini-series did not exhaust the arsenal of confessions against the royals of the grandson of Queen Elizabeth II.

Prince William’s brother decided to reveal even more facts about his life. Soon, January 10thwill be available in bookstores an autobiography with an intriguing title: “Spare”. Although the book has not yet been officially released, single copies were already available on the Spanish market. Thanks to this, the world managed to find out what secrets Harry had revealed in the publication.

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As reported by “The Daily Telegraph”, Meghan Markle’s husband mentioned in “Spare” about missions in Afghanistan, in which he participated years ago as an Apache attack helicopter pilot. The son of King Charles III had one goal at that time.

“I wanted to go back to the UK with all my limbs, but most of all I wanted to go home with my conscience intact he confessed in his autobiography.

Prince Harry killed 25 people on a mission in the Middle East

Prince Harry was sent on mission to Afghanistan in 2012. In his autobiography “Spare” he noted that his task was to “eliminating the bad guys before they eliminate the good ones”. In this way, he tried to explain the rules of war in his head, so as not to be reluctant to kill. Shooting at the Taliban, he imagined that they were merely “pieces taken off the board”. How many people died at his hand?

– My number is 25. It’s not a number that gives me satisfaction, but it doesn’t embarrass me either the prince revealed.

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Spare biography, The Daily Telegraph

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