Prince Harry is not the son of King Charles III? Princess Diana was furious

They appear every now and then gossipthat Prince Harry’s biological father was not the king Charles III. It is supposed to be James Hewitt.

Who is Prince Harry’s biological father?

Princess Diana officially admitted having an affair with James Hewitt, who was her riding teacher. She began an affair with him in 1986, so after the birth of Prince Harry. So why the rumors that this former cavalry officer is the father of Diana’s younger son? The remarkable similarities between the men, as well as their red hair, are to blame for everything.

Prince Harry and James Hewitt Photo Agencja Wyborcza / East New


Conspiracy theorists, however, will not be pleased. Specialists are convinced that King Charles III is the biological father of Meghan Markle’s husband. Moreover, Hewitt has the same opinion. Former lover Princess Diana he spoke on this issue many years ago.

There really is no way for me to be Harry’s father. I can absolutely assure you that I am not. Admittedly, red hair is similar to mine and people say we look alike. I have never encouraged these comparisons, and although I have been with Diana for a long time, I have to say once and for all that I am not Harry’s father. When I met Diana, he was already a baby – he said in 2002 in the Sunday Mirror magazine.

A close employee of Princess Diana and her bodyguard also commented on the reports.

The malicious rumors that persist about Prince Harry’s real father made Diana very angry. Diana didn’t meet James until the summer of 1986, and the red hair that people take as evidence is obviously a trait that the boy inherited from the Spencers, says Ken Wharfe’s book, Diana: A Strictly Kept Secret.

Prince Harry himself, as well as King Charles III, never commented on these revelations.

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