Prince Harry has betrayed Kate. What is the foreign press reporting?

Prince Harry has betrayed Kate. What is the foreign press reporting?

Prince Harry feels like a traitor. It is mainly about his sister-in-law, Princess Kate. What is the foreign press reporting?

After weeks of sometimes conflicting headlines about the upcoming Netflix documentary by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, one thing is clear: none of the royal family he is not safe – least of all alone Prince Harry. Together with Meghan, they had no qualms about the attacks on King Charles, Queen consort Camilla, Prince Williamand even Harry’s once-beloved sister-in-law, Kate, but now there were doubts. What is the press reporting?

Prince Harry has betrayed Kate. What does he want to withdraw from?

The Sussexs knew they could cause chaos, but now, after watching some of the footage and after Queen Elizabeth II’s death, Harry has doubts.

In the US, where they were encouraged by the producers to tell the world exactly what they thought about the royal family – it will sell in the end, no one doubts that the film will be allowed as it was made – says the source of Woman’s Day.

He adds, however, that when the Queen died, Harry was reproached.

He immediately began to worry – reveals an informant who suggests that Harry was somewhat deceived by how popular his family was, and what came to him after the funeral.

Sources say the prince has spent the last few weeks begging for some scenes to be re-filmed – especially those with the less reserved comments he and Meghan made about Kate.

He has taken a bit of clarity after his grandmother’s funeral, he feels bad that Kate is being pulled into it again, the source says.He must also realize that it would be in his best interest to back off what he said about his father and brother, especially considering note rumors that Harry would like to try to mend his relationship with them next year.

Unfortunately, but it won’t do any good. Page Six announces that, despite his pleas to re-shoot the series – led by eminent director Liz Garbus – Netfliks continues to work. Two years ago they invested $ 150 million in the Sussex and it’s time to show something.

If they let them undo any of the comments, they might as well not use them at all and not show the video. They were always after money – says the informant.

Royal biographer Tom Bower has bluntly defined what is happening now, when Harry would like to undo certain things, but he is no longer able to.

They’re stuck with the devil, he said.

Harry fully realized that he was starting to look hypocritical as she struggled to change something he was so sure about.

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