Primary and secondary market. In these cities, apartment prices are growing the fastest

  • The leading cities with the highest increase in home prices on the primary market were Białystok (32%), Szczecin (28%), Zielona Góra (27%) and Gdynia (27%).
  • The highest prices of apartments on the primary market were recorded in Gdynia (12.5 thousand per 1 sq m), and on the secondary market – in Warsaw (11.8 thousand per 1 sq m).
  • “The first quarter of this year brought a marked slowdown in the upward trend in real estate prices in Warsaw and accelerated growth in Gdynia” – assess PIE analysts
  • More such information can be found on the Onet homepage

The second quarter of 2022 brought double-digit increases in housing prices in most large Polish cities. “In the 10 largest cities, compared to last year, the price of 1 sq m of a flat increased by an average of 19 percent on the primary market and by 17 percent on the secondary market” – calculated analysts from the Polish Economic Institute.

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