Prices in stores in Russia. Here’s what will become more expensive

In autumn, food in Russia, as in many other countries, is expected to increase significantly. – Comparing the prices forecasted with the prices in the summer months of this year, we can expect to pay much more for dairy products, eggs, sausages and vegetables in the near future – said Dmitry ZawiaƂov, professor of entrepreneurship and logistics at the Russian University of Economics. GW Plekhanov, quoted by the RIA Nowosti agency.

Crisis on the food market. Here’s what is getting more expensive in stores in Russia

What about other articles? The economist recalled that fish and pork prices usually go up at the end of the year, while poultry prices – in the fall. Coffee and tea become more expensive all year round, but in the context of general inflation, without major jumps. The fruits are more expensive from May to June, they usually get cheaper in August and gradually increase in September.

The global food crisis was triggered by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022. Though in the world markets, material prices have fallen from record levels, this – as Bloomberg notes – the consumer will not notice the relief in the form of lower prices on store shelves. It’s because Food producers are struggling with very high energy pricesi. Gas, coal or electricity in Europe costs several times more than in Ukraine before the war.

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