Price changes at petrol stations: Diesel sharply up

In the last holiday week, diesel is significantly more expensive, on average it costs PLN 7.26, inform analysts of the portal. Pb95 gasoline cheaper, autogas unchanged.

In the comment, analysts of the portal pointed out that compared to the situation from a week ago, diesel, which prices rose significantly recently also in wholesale, it went up by 23 centswhich means that currently a liter of this fuel costs PLN 7.26 on average.

On the other hand, Pb95 petrol, the nationwide average of which, does not cease to be cheaper the price dropped by 10 cents and amounts to PLN 6.56 / l. However, the price of autogas has not changed since last week, and it still costs PLN 3.19 per liter.

The data from e-petrol shows that the prices that are currently the most attractive for drivers are in the Łódź and Greater Poland voivodeships. In the first one, you pay the least for 95-octane petrol and autogas: 6.52 and 3.04 PLN / l. In Wielkopolska, diesel is the cheapest at the price of PLN 7.17 / l.

The most expensive Pb95 petrol is in Małopolska and in the Lubuskie and Zachodniopomorskie voivodeships, where it costs an average of PLN 6.62 / l. Diesel is the most expensive in Podlasie, where a liter costs PLN 7.33 on average, and autogas in Lower Silesia, where PLN 3.38 per liter.

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