President Shakhtar hits FIFA. “It’s unbelievable what’s going on”

  • Despite the ongoing Russian military aggression in Ukraine, FIFA has not abandoned lucrative contracts with Russian companies
  • FIFA has a EUR 39 million contract with Russian TV stations that will cover the World Cup
  • President of Shakhtar Donetsk Serhiy Palkin does not hide his anger that the International Football Organization has not followed the footsteps of other Western companies and has not resigned from contracts with the Russians
  • Palkin cannot believe the behavior of FIFA activists and calls on Gianni Infantino to come to Ukraine, where he will be able to see the effects of Russian aggression with his own eyes

According to Serhiy Palkin, Ukraine was betrayed by FIFA. Despite Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, the governing body of world football maintained a EUR 39 million TV deal with three TV channels linked to Russian state-owned companies.

FIFA maintains business contacts with Russia all the time

Although FIFA excluded Russia from participating in the play-offs to the World Cup and suspended its membership, as well as supported humanitarian aid for Ukraine, it did not break contracts with Russian companies, as Western companies did.

Following the Russian invasion that began in February, Russia was ostracized by much of the world. However, not everyone decided to give up lucrative contracts. Serhiy Palkin accused FIFA activists of ignoring the situation in his country.

Three Russian TV stations linked to the Kremlin government have retained a EUR 39 million TV contract. President of Shakhtar Donetsk believes that the authorities of the football organization do not understand the full scale of events taking place in Ukraine.

– How is it possible that everyone in the world has ceased to maintain communication, contacts and business with Russia, and at the same time FIFA maintains a TV contract with this country for the world championship – Palkin admitted in an interview with The Athletic.

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