Premier League: Antonio Conte and Thomas Tuchel punished [OFICJALNIE]

The English federation imposed penalties on Antonio Conte and Thomas Tuchel for their behavior during and after the Premier League match between Chelsea and Tottenham (2: 2).

Sunday’s game between Chelsea and Tottenham brought a lot of excitement. The hottest thing was between the managers of both teams. Antonio Conte’s first clash with Thomas Tuchel came in the 68th minute, when Pierre-Emile Højbjerg led to a 1-1 draw. The gentlemen then jumped to each other and they had to be separated. It did not stop there, because the situation repeated, and even worsened even more, after the last whistle, when the coaches shook hands.

“I thought when we shook hands, we were looking into the other person’s eyes. Conte, however, had a different opinion. What happened between us was not necessary, but it often does, Tuchel later commented.

On Friday, information about the penalty for the German was published. Tuchel was fined £ 35,000 and one game away from Chelsea’s bench.

Conte was fined £ 15,000.

Both coaches had to agree that their behavior after the league game was inappropriate.

Coaches can appeal the penalties, and Tuchel’s one-match ban has been temporarily suspended pending a written justification from the independent Regulatory Committee’s decision.

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