Post-election chaos in Brazil. Bolsonaro did not admit defeat

Post-election chaos in Brazil. Bolsonaro did not admit defeat

In the eagerly anticipated speech, Bolsonaro thanked for voting for him and said: “Our dream continues, it is more alive than ever.” – We are for order and progress. I have always been described as an anti-democrat, although I acted within the constitution – said the outgoing president. He added that he would continue to “follow” it. However, he did not specify whether he acknowledged his failure and what will be his next steps.

Bolsonaro did little to reassure his supporters, who have been blocking the road since Sunday, saying that peaceful demonstrations will always be welcome.

Police data show that Brazil’s highways are blocked at 267 points across the country. Officers are accused of being slow to remove blockades, they answer that it is a “complex operation”. – Groups of up to 500 people take part in them, with children on their laps, the elderly – they explain.

Therefore, the Supreme Court called on the Military Police to act. Blockages disrupt supply chains and cause significant delays in transport.

Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva did not comment on the protests. The leader of the Workers’ Party, from which the winner comes, said she believed the demonstrations would not prevent him from seizing power. – We trust Brazilian institutions – emphasized Gleisi Hoffman.

The head of the cabinet of the current president Ciro Noguier expressed his will to cooperate. He said Jair Bolsonaro authorized him to “begin the handover”.

Sources: PAP, CNN

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