Portugal. Windstorm, hurricane Danielle. Flooded streets, fallen trees in Portugal. Flood water carried away the 32-year-old

Portugal was hit than Danielle, a remnant of the hurricane of the same name. It brought storms as well as downpours leading to floods. In the town of Massama, water kidnapped a man at a bus stop.

By Tuesday evening, the greatest damage caused by the violent aura had been recorded in the municipality of Manteigas in the north-eastern part of the country, Portuguese Civil Defense said. According to local authorities, there were numerous landslides and floods. Local government officials confirmed that the water that flooded the streets of the city hijacked cars and prevented traffic in part of the commune.

“Post-apocalyptic scenes”

Sameiro in the northeast was severely damaged on Tuesday afternoon. There was a strong wind knocking over trees and street lighting poles.

“Post-apocalyptic scenes,” Gonçalo Martins wrote on Twitter.

Flood water carried away the 32-year-old

On Tuesday evening, heavy rainfall passed through the city of Setubal and the greater Lisbon area, where there were floods in many places. The Portuguese medical service confirmed that in the town of Massama near Lisbon, water that appeared as a result of a downpour on the streets kidnapped a person waiting at a bus stop. The 32-year-old man was saved and taken to hospital, but his condition, according to medics, is serious.

The downpours will not stop

The dangerous weather is associated with the former Hurricane Danielle, which formed in the Atlantic over a week ago. The element crossed the ocean and reached the shores of the Iberian Peninsula. It has lost so much that it is now classified as non-typical for European latitudes. It carries heavy rainfall and strong winds. By Thursday in the middle of mainland Portugal, between 100 and 150 liters of water per square meter could drop.

The former hurricane crossed the Atlantic and reached EuropeTVN24

Main photo source: Twitter Gonçalo Martins, NASA

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