Popular supplements are disappearing from pharmacies. Soon you won’t buy them anywhere

More and more often, some drugs or dietary supplements are becoming unavailable in pharmacies. This is due to two reasons: lack of an active substance or decision to withdraw a given producer from the Polish market. This is what happened with the popular vitamin supplement.

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1. Five Bodymax products will disappear from the market

The pharmacies will soon run out of five dietary supplements (Pixabay)

Soon you won’t be able to buy as many as five in pharmacies dietary supplements. I am talking about preparations by Bodymax:

  • Bodymax Protective Shield – in the form of effervescent tablets with vitamin D,
  • Bodymax Iron Condition – in the form of effervescent tablets containing iron,
  • Bodymax Strength of beauty – these are effervescent tablets with collagen, zinc and vitamins C, B3 and B7,
  • Bodymax Focus – tablets with ginseng, Rhodiola rosea and guarana,
  • Bodymax Immuno – tablets with plant extracts (including peppermint, yarrow, field horsetail) and with vitamins (including C, D and folic acid) to support immunity.

The manufacturer does not inform about the reasons for withdrawing supplements from the Polish market. At the moment, the preparations can still be purchased at the pharmacy. According to the data on the website www.wherepolek.pl, the availability of the above-mentioned products is relatively good.

2. Not all products will be unavailable

Bodymax’s offer does not end with five products. Other products, such as Bodymax Plus or Active, will still be available for sale.

The basic ingredient of supplements is extract from ginseng. This plant has been known for over 4,000 years. In Far East medicine, to which it owes its fame, special value is attached to the root of the plant.

It is hardly surprising, because ginseng contains over 200 active substances, among which they are especially valuable ginsenosides. How does ginseng affect the human body?

The most important benefits are:

  • improvement of mental functions – the ability to remember and concentrate,
  • lowering cholesterol,
  • supporting the skeletal system – protection against osteoporosis,
  • improvement of glycemia,
  • anti-cancer effect,
  • supporting the immune system.

Karolina Rozmus, journalist of Wirtualna Polska

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